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Human Nutrition: Science for Healthy Living

Human Nutrition: Science for Healthy LivingFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 1260092178
ISBN13 : 9781260092172
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : Jan 2018
Edition : 2nd
Author(s) : Tammy J Stephenson, Wendy J Schiff
Subject : Medicine
Human Nutrition: Science for Healthy Living is an interesting, engaging, reliable, and evidence-based introductory textbook with a wide variety of features to promote active learning. A clinical emphasis appeals to all, but is of particular relevance to those studying nutrition, dietetics, or health science professions, including nursing. Real-life and clinical examples, statistics, and evidence from professional sources address current and controversial topics and support the key concepts of the science of nutrition. Human Nutrition provides the framework for students to not just memorize facts, but to truly learn and apply the science of nutrition. The knowledge gained can be applied not only to a future profession, but, just as importantly, to everyday life. Our hope is that readers share the practical advice and key concepts learned in the textbook with family and friends to promote optimal health and wellness.

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