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Modern Management: Concepts and Skills

Modern Management: Concepts and SkillsFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 1292096659
ISBN13 : 9781292096650
Publisher(s) : Prentice Hall
Pub. Date : Jan 2015
Edition : 14th
Author(s) : Samuel C. Certo, S. Trevis Certo
Subject : Business & Economics
For courses in Management.

Concepts and Skills for the Successful Manager

Modern Management: Concepts and Skills is the longest-standing trusted source material on business management. The text comprehensively addresses major concepts such as planning, organizing, influencing and controlling management, as well as the challenges that face all managers. A hands-on approach not only conveys important topics, but also helps students possess the skills they need to be successful in management.

The Fourteenth Edition contains updated information and new case studies and examples to reflect the most recent research and developments in the management world. Illustrated with beautiful photography, the text remains engaging and concise while communicating the most important concepts in management.

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