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Access to Health, Green Edition

Access to Health, Green EditionFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 0321611683
ISBN13 : 9780321611680
Publisher(s) : Pearson
Pub. Date : Feb 2009
Edition : 11th
Author(s) : Rebecca J. Donatelle
Subject : Education / Medicine / Math & Science
The newly revised Access to Health, Green Edition features a student-friendly design, an environmentally conscious Green Guide, and the best student and instructor supplements package on the market, including an enhanced Teaching Tool Box with a more robust assessment program. Long known for its currency, research, and strength in behavior change for personal health students, the Green Edition of Access to Health provides a consistent framework for motivating students to make healthy life choices. The revised editions updated coverage includes more emphasis on assessment and behavior change boxes.

As a teacher, mentor, and researcher, Rebecca J. Donatelle knows the health issues that are important to todays students. Through her engaging and friendly writing style, Donatelle addresses students concerns and teaches them how to be savvy and critical consumers of health information. Access to Health provides hands-on practical tools that help students make healthy changes in their lives.

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