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Introduction To Analytical Chemistry

Introduction To Analytical ChemistryFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 9814272795
ISBN13 : 9789814272797
Publisher(s) : Cengage Learning
Pub. Date : Jan 2011
Edition : 1st
Author(s) : Douglas A. Skoog , Donald M. West, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch, Show-Chuen Chen
Subject : Math & Science
Introduction to Analytical Chemistry was written with the main aim of providing a strong background in those chemical principles that are important in analytical chemistry. The text covers both fundamental and practical aspects of chemical analysis. The book is organized into five sections; tools of analytical chemistry, principles and applications of chemical equilibrium, electrochemical methods, spectroscopic methods, and separation methods. Molecular models are also used liberally in most chapters to stimulate interest in the beauty of molecular structures and to reinforce structural concepts presented in general chemistry and upper-level courses. The primary audience of this text is non-chemistry majors taking a one-semester course in analytical chemistry.

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