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Introduction to Biotechnology

Introduction to BiotechnologyFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 0840031270
ISBN13 : 9780840031273
Publisher(s) : Cengage Learning
Pub. Date : Jan 2012
Edition : 2nd
Author(s) : Ray V Herren
Subject : Math & Science
INTRODUCTION TO BIOTECHNOLOGY: AN AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION offers a thorough introduction to biotechnology and the ways it has revolutionized modern agriculture. This newly updated text provides a solid grounding in core biotechnology concepts, as well as information on cutting-edge science and technology and their applications in real-world agriculture, medicine, and health care. The text’s in-depth coverage includes essential topics such as cell functions, genetics, biotechnology applications, and biotech careers, as well as a thoughtful and balanced examination of controversial issues such as genetic engineering, genetically modified organisms, cloning, and potential dangers to humans and the environment. Building on the text’s proven strengths, the Second Edition features a stronger emphasis on the science and math of biotechnology, updated content to reflect the latest trends and technology, and new lab exercises to reinforce key concepts and help master the tools and techniques needed to succeed in biotech careers.

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