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Essentials of Marketing

Essentials of MarketingFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 1259921298
ISBN13 : 9781259921292
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : Jan 2016
Edition : 15th
Author(s) : Jr., William Perreault, Joseph Cannon, E. Jerome McCarthy
Subject : Business & Economics
Marketing’s pillar "Four Ps" framework was first introduced by Jerome McCarthy in the 1960s. Its managerial orientation and practical "How-To-Do-It" strategy planning approach continues wit this newest 15th edition of Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. 

Essentials of Marketing prepares students for success by teaching skills through examples, explanations, frameworks, models, classification systems, cases, and practical “how-to” techniques geared toward increasing analytical abilities and helping students figure out how to do a superior job of satisfying customers. Special topics like relationship marketing, international marketing, services marketing, marketing and the Internet, marketing for nonprofit organizations, ethics, social issues, and business-to-business marketing are integrated throughout. Additional resources further enhance learning, including an online Marketing Plan Coach that helps students create meaningful marketing plans, updated instructor supplements, and Perreault/Cannon’s regularly updated teachthe4ps.com and learnthe4ps.com blogs.

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