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Introduction to Geography

Introduction to GeographyFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 1259921719
ISBN13 : 9781259921711
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : May 2016
Edition : 15th
Author(s) : Arthur Getis, Mark Bjelland, Victoria Getis
Subject : Accounting & Finance
Getis Introduction to Geography is written to clearly and concisely convey the nature of the field of geography, its intellectual challenges, and the logical interconnections of its parts. Even if students take no further work in geography, they will have come into contact with the richness and breadth of Geography and have new insights and understandings for their present and future roles as informed adults. This new edition provides students content and scope of the subfields of geography, emphasize its unifying themes, and provide the foundation for further work in their areas of interest.

A useful textbook must be flexible enough in its organization to permit an instructor to adapt it to the time and subject matter constraints of a particular course. Although Getis Introduction to Geography is designed with a one-quarter or one-semester course in mind, this text may be used in a full-year introduction to geography when employed as a point of departure for special topics and amplifications introduced by the instructor or when supplemented by additional readings and class projects.

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