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Basic College Mathematics

Basic College MathematicsFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 0321675118
ISBN13 : 9780321675118
Publisher(s) : Addison Wesley
Pub. Date : Oct 2009
Edition : 11th
Author(s) : Marvin L. Bittinger
Subject : Math & Science
KEY BENEFIT: The Bittinger Worktext Series changed the face of developmental education with the introduction of objective-based worktexts that presented math one concept at a time. This approach allowed students to understand the rationale behind each concept before practicing the associated skills and then moving on to the next topic. With this revision, Marv Bittinger continues to focus on building success through conceptual understanding, while also supporting students with quality applications, exercises, and new review and study materials to help students apply and retain their knowledge.

KEY TOPICS: Whole Numbers; Fraction Notation: Multiplication and Division; Fraction Notation and Mixed Numerals; Decimal Notation; Ratio and Proportion; Percent Notation; Data, Graphs, and Statistics; Measurement; Geometry; Real Numbers; Algebra: Solving Equations and Problems

MARKET: For all readers interested in basic college mathematics.

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