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Financial Accounting

Financial AccountingFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 0070187606
ISBN13 : 9780070187603
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : Jun 2010
Edition : 14th
Author(s) : Jan Williams, Sue Haka, Mark Bettner, Joseph Carcello
Subject : Accounting & Finance
While many texts characterize themselves as having either a ?user? approach or a ?preparer? approach, Williams? Financial Accounting is written for faculty who want to strike a balance between these approaches. Business majors will find relevance in the ?Ethics, Fraud & Corporate Governance,? ?Your Turn? and ?Case in Point? boxes throughout the chapters while accounting majors will receive a firm grounding in accounting basics that will prepare them for their intermediate course. A unique feature is the multimedia companion, My Mentor. This text-specific technology resource (available free on the book?s website) uses video clips, animated graphics, PowerPoints and Excel templates to demonstrate accounting concepts visually. This allows students to link concepts and numbers together in an interactive rather than print environment.

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