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Issues in Economics Today

Issues in Economics TodayFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 0071315365
ISBN13 : 9780071315364
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : Oct 2011
Edition : 6th
Author(s) : Robert Guell
Subject : Business & Economics
Issues in Economics Today is a modern issues book built to meet instructor and student needs simultaneously. This title was developed to allow instructors the maximum flexibility to teach this material in a manner that fits their personal style.

This edition includes 8 intensive core theory chapters and 35 shorter issues chapters. The book is designed to allow faculty the flexibility in approach, whether they prefer weave together theory and issues or lay a foundation of theory first before heading into the issues. With flexibility in mind, instructors can set a theme for their course and pick issues consistent with that theme or their students decide what issues interest them.

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