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Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts

Fundamental Financial Accounting ConceptsFormat : Softcover
ISBN : 126009183X
ISBN13 : 9781260091830
Publisher(s) : McGraw-Hill
Pub. Date : Jan 2018
Edition : 10th
Author(s) : Thomas Edmonds, Christopher Edmonds, Frances McNair, Philip Olds
Subject : Accounting & Finance
Students are often overwhelmed by the amount of information presented in the introductory financial accounting course, while instructors often want their students to better grasp “the big picture.” Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Concepts delivers a unique approach to building accounting skills while maintaining a more traditional use of debits and credits. Through this method, the authors drive students’ curiosity and inspire them to ask the “why” questions that get at the heart of how Accounting works.

By teaching foundational accounting concepts in a logical sequence, the Edmonds author team shifts the focus from memorizing procedures to the development of real-world thinking patterns. Author Chris Edmonds has also created a highly popular and widely used series of video lectures, which engage students by clearly and charismatically going over each learning objective in a conversational style. These videos help reinforce important lessons and are always available for review.

Through use of the financial statements model and transactional analysis, students quickly see how any given business event affects the financial statements. By having this “big picture” mentality, students can tie any single transaction back to the impact on the overall business. Between the straightforward writing, popular video lectures, and unique coverage approach, Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Concepts enables students to fully comprehend the material presented as future decision-makers.

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